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Hebei Tuoqi Science & Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the planning and design, production and processing, Installation and commissioning, and technical training of the "Themed Adventure Park". Our company adheres to the business philosophy of “Taking innovation as the driving force, quality as the life, service as the support, honesty as the capital, market as the guide, and In line with international standards”.  With many years of “themed adventure park” industry planning, designing and constructing experience has created a well-known brand “LIQI Adventure” in the industry, and has become an expert in china adventure theme park industry of the planning, designing and constructing.

The company's three major project systems: LIQI Adventure (Adventure) Theme Park, LIQI Adventure (Extreme) sports project and LIQI Adventure (Outdoor) landscape project. LIQI Adventure (Adventure) theme park topics covered: forest adventure theme, ropes course adventure theme, outdoor adventure theme, children's adventure theme, military adventure theme, etc. LIQI Adventure (Extreme) sports project include: rock climbing, ninja training course, bungee jumping, high-altitude zip line, flight line, human slingshot and free fall, etc. LIQI Adventure (outdoor) landscape projects mainly include: footbridges, suspension bridges, plank roads, tree houses, wooden houses, etc.

LIQI Adventure Park is a self-developed, healthy and fashionable leisure adventure amusement project. It is setup and construct various barrier links to form a route between pillars, trees, rock walls and rivers, which are varying degrees of difficulty, style divergence and extremely stimulating. Players need to explore through suspended bridges, net-ways, trails, wooden barrels, swings, rope-ways and other fun links. Crossing obstacles by climb, slide, swim, cross, jump, fly, etc., to reach the end point, and let you experience the pleasuring of free falling and flying and the thrilling of the climbing and crossing. Once launched, LIQI Adventure has been loved by men, women and children. It has become a beautiful landscape for shopping malls, resorts, ecological parks, urban parks, campsites, tourist attractions, forest parks, schools, outdoor clubs, and expansion bases and bring a good social and economic benefits.

We focus on the field of outdoor sports equipment and safety protection, and independently develop the well-known outdoor brand CULPEO. The product line covers rock climbing , work-at-height , rescue profession, military training, outdoor gear, adventure parks, etc. full range of climbing, rescue professions and work-at-height safety equipment , that involves in headlamps, helmets, harnesses, ropes, ascenders, belay devices and descenders, carabiners, pulleys, etc. a full set of products. business areas involving outdoor climbing, rock museum, outward bound, adventure parks, mountain rescue, fire rescue, military training, wind-power project, petrochemical, marine rescue and many other professional markets.

We are willing to cooperate with domestic and overseas institutions to establish the International Standards in the planning and design of adventure parks, construction of engineering projects, equipment purchase, professional training, operation management etc. to contribute to the rapid development of China's experiential economy. add fuel to the flame of helping China's emerging experiential adventure tourism career!



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