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The Forest Exploration Project of Jinan Jinxiangshan Tourist Scenic Area has come to a Perfect end

The Jinan Golden Elephant Mountain Tourist Scenic Area Forest Exploration Project, undertaken by Liqi Exploration, has come to a perfect conclusion. The project utilizes existing natural trees and designs different exploration routes based on the terrain of the valley, providing tourists, enterprises, institutions, and teenagers with an excellent place to get close to nature and experience outdoor forest exploration.

The Jinan Golden Elephant Mountain Tourist Scenic Area is located in the southern mountainous area of Jinan, Shandong Province. With its unique terrain and abundant forest resources, it forms a unique mountain forest microclimate, which looks green everywhere. The average temperature in summer is only around 25 degrees Celsius, and the negative oxygen ions per cubic meter of air are 150 times higher than those in urban areas, making it a good place for urban people to rest and recuperate. Among them, Jinxiangshan Ski Resort has always led the provincial capital in winter fashion sports. After five years of planning and construction, Jinxiangshan has now developed into a large comprehensive scenic area that integrates tourism and leisure, conference and vacation, expansion training, and winter skiing, including ice sculpture park, Happy Valley, Rainbow Valley, Happy Valley, Water Park, CS Field Base, and other projects.







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